Super Quiz is a brand new program organized for students of the dormitory PLAVI LEPTIR. Participation in the organization took about 10 students. Preparations for the quiz lasted about 2 weeks. Activities preceding the competition were:
• defining the contest rules
• development of applications
• preparing questions
• testing different scenarios.

After preparing all students are invited to apply for the competition. In a very short time we had six registered teams. After that the contest which was held on 28 March 2016. The realization of the competition were:
• speaker – Ismail Čidić
• moderator – Zubair Sedić
• Commission – Abdulwehab Adoum, Haris Kvrgić and Recep Aydin.
• technical support – Kemal Hrelja who also made an application for a quiz.
After testing the knowledge from several different areas, the best was the Africa Team.

The award for the best team was traveling + 150 KM + sweet gift.
The prize for the runner-up team – Anatolia Team was traveling + sweet gift.

The overall assessment is that this is a very creative project that has attracted the attention of a large number of students.