Prize trip for the best students of the competition Super Quiz is realized on 2 and 3 April 2016. The trip was attended by 14 people and to the director, deputy director, the best six competitors (2 teams) and six people who participated in the realization of the quiz. The trip started on Saturday 2nd of April at 10: 30h.

The first destination was the Konjevic Polje – a place where in nana Fata’s land was built Serbian Orthodox church.

After that we continued to Potocari – a place of genocide and the greatest suffering of civilians since World War II.

The journey we continue to Tuzla, where we spent the night in the premises of Behram beg medrese.3. April (Sunday) we visited sights Tuzla – the stadium, Gate, Turali beg waqf.

After visiting Tuzla, we have continued to travel to the town of Srebrenik. There we visited the famous fortress.

Then we traveled to Gradacac. There we visited the Tower of Husein Captain Gradašćević, as well as the famous war chariot.

In Sarajevo we returned on Sunday to 17 hours after more than 500 kilometers covered.